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Delhi Division is focused on Employee Service at best

Easy to implement, use, and scale

The developed system is easy to use via multiple platforms and utilities. The developed system will provide just in time reporting and adhoc reporting to the management to support in decision making.

Scalable to All

The system is designed and developed to be scalable for all other railway divisions and Zones. The system can be customized for all types of complaints and suggestions as per the needs.

Work smarter, not harder

The system will provide insights to the users, management and all other stakeholders to make them self sufficient to take decisions and corrective measure for better service and support to the employees.

Make it your own

Scalable and Robustness capabilities of the NRCMS makes it an extensible product instead of just an project implementations, with guidance and support of the Northern Railway Authorities, we are constantly evolving it to make it more compatible and user friendly.

Providing support on multiple channel

All type of complaints can be configured and customized in NRCMS, Click here to Login and Register a Complaint.

We are dedicated for best customer experience

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