Future Planning (Northern Railway)

The following works have been planned, sanctioned and will be executed in next one year

done_outlineDevelopment to main entrance of SOJ Colony.

done_outlineReplacement of worn out overhead tank at Sewa Nagar and provision of surface tanks at SOJ and MNTB.

done_outlineImprovement to sewerage, water supply system of staff qtrs at HNZM.

done_outlineImprovement to beams, chajjas, existing plaster, parapets of Type-II qrs at SWNR & LDCY Railway Colonies

done_outlineProvision of safety wall, grills and gates in front of Block No.123, 124, 125 at Mata Sundri Place and Block No.8 to 37 at M.K.Road.

done_outlineImprovement to water supply distribution system and surface tank at Minto Bridge colony.

done_outlineImprovement to roofs and doors at staff quarters, Minto Bridge colony.

done_outlineImprovement to balconies along track in Thompson Road and Minto Bridge colony.

done_outlineRestoration of water supply through newly constructed Over Head tank by Construction organization.

done_outlineRepairs to lavoratory, bathroom of Type-II Qrs Block No.105 to 110, 111, 117, 161 and 162 at Thompson Road.

done_outlineProvision of Boundary wall along track from block No.1 to 13 to prevent encroachments in TKJ Rly Colony.

done_outlineImprovement to ceiling, plaster, beams, chajjas and stair case in Type-I & Type-II Qrs at Minto Bridge and Thompson Road Rly colonies.

done_outlineImprovement to road surface and Babar Road and Central Place Railway colonies.

done_outlineProvision of safety wall, grills and gates in front of of Block No.123, 124, 125 at Mata Sundri Place and Block No.8 to 37 at M.K.Road.

done_outlineRepairs to main sewer line of Block No.11 to 26 at Tilak Bridge Colony.

done_outlineImprovement to lanes and safety doors in Type-II & Type-III Qrs.at College Lane colony.

done_outlineRepairs to kitchen, doors, windows, flooring safety doors in Type-IV officers flat at ANVR.

done_outlineRepair to road surface at Minto Bridge. MS Place and Mahavat Khan Road.

done_outlineRepairs to leaky roof, chajjas, mumties and improvement to balance kitchen, toilets at SWNR. LDCY and LPNR Colony.

done_outlineImprovement to flooring, plastering in Out Houses of Bunglow No.1 to 16, improvement to toilets, kitchens and flooring of rooms in Type-II Qtrs and repair to kitchen of gang qtrs at TKJ Rly Colony.

arrow_right Provision of back yard fencing in officers flats 1 to 16 and improvement to garages of officer flats at TKJ Colony.
arrow_right Improvement to Medical Branch A II at B.House.
arrow_right Improvement to flooring wood work for booking counters at KKDM reservation office.
arrow_right Improvement to fire fighting system and making operational with annual maintenance at Anand Vihar Colony.
arrow_right Exterior w/washing/Painting and Renovation of fountains in Rail Bhavan.
arrow_right Provision of visitor Room for CRB and improvement at gate No.2 & 4 providing pipe line and water proofing work in lifts at Rail Bhavan.
arrow_right done_outlineProvision additional toilet in block No.18, 19, 20,23,10, 42 & 43 at S.P.Marg Rly Colony.
arrow_right done_outlineProvision of concertina coil on boundary wall of SP Road colony.
arrow_right done_outlineProvision of concertina coil on boundary wall of SP Road colony.
arrow_right done_outlineImprovement to flooring by vitrified tiles in Type-V, Type-VI Bunglows at SM Marg colony.
arrow_right done_outlineProvision of prefabricated cabin, work station for mechanical work shop, S&T Store, repair to cash office, tender room, shed for unsafe material lying in DRM Office.
arrow_right done_outlineReplacement of broken A.C.Sheet in the s/o E,F,RS & H at Genl.store, SSB.
arrow_right Repair to damaged balcony in B.No.106 to 108 at DKZ-II.
arrow_right Repair of roads of Basant Lane, Rly colony.
arrow_right Improvement to park at Dayabasti.
arrow_right Improvement to toilet, bath and kitchen at Punjabi Bagh (100 nos) qrs.
arrow_right Improvement to step parking and dormitory in K.S.Stadium.

done_outlineProvision of additional store, toilet in Type-V bunglows at C.H.Road .

done_outlineRepair to cub board with modular kitchen cabinet at SP Road, SM Marg and T.Camp.

done_outlineImprovement to worn out sunshades and chajjas of Type-V and VI bunglows in SP Road.

done_outlineImprovement to water supply, drainage, chajjas„ leaky roof in Brar Square Rly colony.

done_outlineImprovement to health unit, telephone exchange and other service building at SP Road Rly colony.

done_outlineImprovement to exterior and interior walls in Type-V, Type-VI and Type-III bungalows at SP Road colony.

done_outlineReplacement of damaged wooden cub board, improvement to water supply in Type-V bunglows at SM Marg.

done_outlineReplacement of damaged wooden cubboard, improvement to water supply in Type-VI bunglows at SM Marg.

done_outlineReplacement of arch roof of out houses at T.Hazari (20 Nos.)

done_outlineImprovement to circulating nurses hostel (NRCH).

done_outlineRenovation of toilet/bath/kit of 300 nos qrs.

done_outlineRenovation of toilet/bath/kit of 200 qrs.

done_outlineRenovation of ward no.7 in NRCH.

done_outlineProvision of sports activity Hall and improvement to parking area in P.K.Road and C.F.Road colony.

done_outlineProvision of PNG connections in P.K.Road and C.F.Road colony.

done_outlineImprovement to road, drainage and exterior surface in Basant Lane colony.

done_outlineProvision of tiles in DKZ-I Colony (50 Nos.).

done_outlineRepair to open drain in B.No. 26 to 32 at DKZ-I.

done_outlineProvision of tiles in North Colony at SSB ( 75 Nos.).

done_outlineProv.of sump-well with sewer line in DBSI Colony, replacement of damaged tanks with pipe line in P.B.Colony.

done_outlineImprovement to flooring kitchen, toilet, balconies at P.K.Road (50 nos flats).

done_outlineProv. Of R.O. 4 nos in C.F.Road and one no. in NRCH.